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At Mount Zion we’re finding joy in life’s journey through fellowship and service to others and a personal relationship with God.  We are delighted that you are visiting us at our home here on the web; we also want to extend a heart-felt invitation to visit us at our home in the Garner/Cleveland area.  To help you overcome some of the uncertainty and confusion that comes with visiting a new place, we've included some information below for our first-time guests. If you have a question that's not answered here, feel free to contact the church office at 919-772-8415.  Welcome!


What time are your services?

We offer three services each Sunday; 8:15 Traditional, 9:30 Contemporary,11:00 Blended. In addition, each Sunday we livestream our 9:30 and 11:00 Services.  We also host a Korean Service at 1:30 PM in our Sanctuary, and in November that service will move to a satellite location in Raleigh.  More information about our Korean Service HERE.


What should I wear? 

Something that makes you comfortable. Most of our attendees dress casually, but if you're more comfortable in a coat and tie, you won't be alone. We believe that God is far more concerned with a person’s heart than his or her clothes.  


Where do I go when I get there?

If you are attending our 8:15 Traditional service, you will go to the chapel that is located in between the large sanctuary and the fellowship hall. You can enter the chapel from the outside entrance with the iron railing, or through the outside wheelchair ramp, or through the fellowship hall entrance that has a ramp or stair accesses.  The large sanctuary on the right side is our main worship area; this is where our 9:30 and 11:00 Sunday services take place. You will enter through the two large white doors directly under the steeple. Immediately upon entering either the chapel or the sanctuary you will see a Welcome Center where you can get information about our church and also get assistance with any questions. Information about Sunday School is at the Welcome Center and can be viewed here.

What happens during a Sunday worship service?


8:15 Traditional Service in our Chapel

You can expect responsive readings, traditional hymns, and affirmations of faith in an intimate setting.

9:30 Contemporary Service in our Sanctuary

You will find this service to be simpler, less formal, and filled with current worship music.

11:00 Blended Service in our Sanctuary

This choice provides exactly what the name says, a blend between our Traditional and Contemporary  services. It has a variety of musical choices as well as some of the established experiences you would expect in a traditional service.

Can my children stay in Worship with me?

Yes! We encourage families to attend together. Ideally we believe the wining equation for a deep, growing relationship with Christ, is to attend a worship service and attend a Sunday School Class.  Studies have shown that children learn from watching their parents and the adults around them. What could be more powerful than watching numerous adults pray, sing, and worship the Lord together. To support our families in this endeavor we include a Children’s Message during the 11:00 service.  We also have a Children's Resource table located by the Welcome Table in the main sanctuary, with items to enhance the worship experience for children and youth.


Do you offer Sunday School for my children?

We offer Sunday School classes at 9:30 and 11:00 for children birth through 5th grade, and at 11:00 we offer classed for our Middle and High School students.  We want children and youth to know that church is a place that is fun, safe, and filled with God’s presence.  Classes are designed to give children and youth the opportunity to experience God at their level, become equipped to pray, and learn to trust in God for themselves. A detailed list of ages and classrooms can be viewed here.  

Do you have accommodations for people with special needs?

Wheelchairs are available in both the Chapel and in the Sanctuary. Both the Sanctuary and the Chapel have indented isles for guests who are wheelchair bound. Please see an usher if you need to use one of our wheelchairs.


Assisted Listening Devices are available during the 9:30 and 11:00 services. Please see an usher to assist you.

Large Print Hymnals are available in both the Chapel and in the Sanctuary. Please see and usher to assist you.


An Enclosed Parlor is available for multiple uses: families seeking a quieter worship area for children or youth with sensory issues, nursing mothers, parents looking for a quiet place for worship with a fussy child.

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