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Care Ministry Services

Visitation at home and hospital

Care through cards, calls, emails and texts

Future Plans

Support Groups

Home Communion and Anointing offered

Care Ministry - A Congregational Care Ministry

Your church family is here to pray and walk alongside you through your joys and struggles.

Life is messy and often painful.  None of us can avoid the grief and loss that happens in our lives.  What we do to help each other get through these difficult times, (and joyful times), can make the difference between thriving or just surviving.

As Christians we are part of a greater family of believers.  We are called to offer compassion, empathy and love to others.  Throughout the Gospels, Jesus is seen multiple times healing bodies, minds and spirits.  He understood the depths of suffering and its stranglehold on the lives of people.  Jesus extended understanding and empathy.  As a part of the body of Mount Zion, this too is our task.

Care Ministry is carefully designed to connect the church family to one another as we journey together through life.  We pray that people find hope and companionship through this ministry.

If you would like to submit a care request or give us feedback on care you received please fill out the contact box below. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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